4 thoughts on “Registrations for our APC Professional Programme for 2020 are open

  1. Good Afternoon

    I have just looked at the APC programme for 2020, I noticed that the 1st assessment doesnt have a supplementary. So what happens if i’m not competent in assessment 1?

  2. Can’t you guys do an exception to have me registered please? I am really keen on being part of the UCT APC program.

  3. Hi
    I trust you are well
    I have completed APC board course with UCT for the past two years. I am currently in a very sad position because I finished my articles without passing APC.

    I am currently on a 4 month secondment in the USA and would like to enroll for the UCT board course as I am already familiar with UCT style of teaching.

    With that being said, I appeal to UCT team to let me register for the board course as I need to get through this last hurdle and become a CA(SA).

    Many Thanks,
    Maribi Maila.

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