Registrations for our 2024 APC Professional Programme are closed. The registrations for our Repeat Offering will open on 15 April 2024

We will not be offering a programme for anyone needing to repeat their APC with SAICA in December 2024.

We will be offering a suite of services called the “Repeat Offering“.
This suite of services will include: online workshops, 2 x exam sittings with detailed feedback and marking grids; and online group consultations.
Please note that the Repeat Offering will only be available to Trainees who successfully passed our UCT APC Professional Programme in 2023, but were unsuccessful in the SAICA.
If you passed our full programme in 2023 and you received a letter of successful completion from UCT, you do not need to complete a programme or offering (unless you choose to) in 2024, as the letter is valid for a SAICA APC exam sitting in 2023, 2024 and 2025.

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