Reflection on the results of APC 2018

Friday 15 February 2019 saw the release of the SAICA APC 2018 results, which no doubt will be the topic of discussion for some time. The 2018 SAICA paper was a challenging one, and this was evident in the marked decline in the national average pass rate this year.

On our programme we celebrated a number of highlights on Friday, including a 86% pass rate for the UCT programme’s first-time writers, in comparison to the national average of 71%.

We recognise though that Friday’s results were disappointing for many trainees. In particular, the 48% pass rate of African Black candidates is deeply concerning. While the pass rate for UCT’s African Black candidates was 65%, it remains far from where we would like it to be. So although we celebrate the successes of Friday, we also share in these disappointments.

The factors that may affect a candidate’s performance in the SAICA APC are numerous, and are both complex and potentially interrelated. We are committed to engaging with SAICA and the profession to better understand why this gap in success rates in the APC remains and has increased in 2018. We are also committed to supporting African Black candidates, both in seeking to improve our practices on our 2019 programme as we reflect further on the meaning of these results, and in preparing those repeating candidates who partner with us in seeking a better outcome in this year’s APC.

The UCT APC Team

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