Meet Brent Stanfield


Why did you decide to become a CA(SA)?

I saw it as an opportunity to learn about business and commerce which I always had a keen interest in. I enjoyed the academic requirements as it would stretch me and allow me to continually learn and develop.

What was your experience like on our programme?

I enjoyed the opportunity to learn new professional skills at my own pace and time. Often, we are swamped with work and the structure of the programme last year allowed me to do this.

The focus on group work was important and the key to success as it provided an opportunity to leverage off each others strengths. This was my favourite part of the programme.

How did you prepare for the APC 2017?

I prepared within my group, they were key to the success of the programme. We would meet on the day of pre-release after having read through the scenario, and discuss the key triggers noted and allocating them among each other.

We ensured that at least two people would tackle each trigger to reduce the risk of us missing anything, and generally everyone would research the more contentious triggers. We would meet up on the Sunday to discuss and formulate our viewpoint on the trigger. From there, you had to ensure you were comfortable with the triggers and views of the group.

Any advice for the trainees attempting their APC in 2018?

The group is important, ensure that it is balanced with people of different strengths, but make it fun and enjoy the process.

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