Meet Anri Beukes

Why did you decide to become a CA(SA)?

It is an exciting career with various options. It gives you the opportunity to work in almost any industry/sector. It is also a career that gives you job security. You are almost guaranteed a job if you become a CA opposed to other careers, which can be challenging to find jobs.

What was your experience like on our programme?

This programme was excellent. I can honestly say that this was the best programme on offer. The help and support you get during this programme is excellent. I was one of the unlucky candidates that failed my final exam and had to write the supplementary exam. Obviously, my confidence was very low after knowing that I failed and still had to write the supp. I emailed Natasha, and she contacted the lecturer to assist me with my questions. The answers were brilliant and it gave me hope. I could see that they actually put in some effort to assist me and address my concerns at hand. It was not some generic answer like study harder or something.
Therefore, I am very pleased for the time and effort that everyone put in the programme. I do not want to be another number in a course but rather seen as a person. This is what the UCT board course offered me and I will advise anyone that crosses my path to enrol in this course.

How did you prepare for our APC 2017 case study exams?

I approached it as a new exam. I am a sports fan and was taught at school that the score always starts at zero. This is how I approached the supplementary. I told myself that this is a completely new scenario and that I can do it.
I also worked in a team with another candidate for the previous exams and preferred working on my own for the supplementary exam. This is the method I preferred.

Any advice for the Trainees attempting their APC in 2018?

Do not give up if you are in the same scenario that I was in. Also, embrace the June exam and make sure you are well prepared. You do not want to be figuring out at the end of the course how you should approach your exam. Whether you should work in a team or not, etc. You should be certain of what works for you and use this as an advantage to pass the exam.

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