ITC Preparatory Course | Welcome from the Programme Director

Dear Candidates,

Welcome to the ITC Preparatory Course.

The ITC Preparatory Course brings together twenty years of experience in preparing trainees for the Initial Test of Competence.

Our team of experts has worked hard over the past few months, building on the success of our previous courses, to put together a preparatory course that will equip you as you prepare for the ITC. Our ITC Preparatory Course has proved to be tremendously successful and this is borne out by both the excellent results achieved by our participants in the 2017 ITC, and our course evaluations. Our pass rates have consistently exceeded the national average and 6 of our ITC Preparatory Course candidates achieved placings amongst the Top 10 Candidates in the 2017 ITC.

Our ITC Preparatory Course ensures that you will be equipped for success in the 2018 ITC. To achieve this our ITC Preparatory Course aims to:

  • Equip you with effective exam technique and question answering skills;
  • Rectify any shortcomings in, and add the necessary detail to, your knowledge base;
  • Provide an emphasis and focus on typical ITC assessment questions; and
  • Provide the motivation and structure necessary to guide you through the material, whilst encouraging integration of sections.

Our ITC Preparatory Course achieves these objectives by means of a five pronged approach consisting of notes, tutorials, contact sessions, concept videos and exams. These components are synchronised by means of a daily study plan incorporated into a synchronised study day structure. Our methodology is backed by a high degree of personal service that provides you with motivation and structure as you prepare for the ITC in January 2018.

We have every reason to believe that if you persevere with the course work and follow our advice that you will be successful. We wish you a great learning experience over the next few months!

Riyaan Mabutha

(on behalf of the UCT Board Course team)