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The entire course will be delivered online. Internet access is a prerequisite to full participation in the course.

This course is designed to prepare candidates for the ITC exams in September 2021.

The Course Presenter for each topic will provide academic support through the online discussion forum for the duration of the course.

The course has been designed in such a way that it allows for Candidates to study anywhere and anytime, at their own pace – maximising flexibility and time management.

  • Access to the online learning website (Vula)
  • Weekly lectures on selected topics across the 4 subject areas
  • Video explanations for selected past ITC questions
  • Concept and principle videos on selected topics
  • Comprehensive course notes
  • Comprehensive and balanced tutorial questions
  • Integrated assessment questions
  • Self-evaluated ITC mock exams
  • Study schedule
  • Videos on study and exam technique
  • Academic support from the course lecturers

*NB the course will be run fully online due to the difficulties in conducting face-to-face sessions as a result of COVID-19

  • R4200 – access to the full course, includes study material (FIRST time UCT Board Course Candidates)
  • R2950 – access to the full course, includes study material (REPEAT UCT Board Course Candidates)
  • R2300 – access to the full course and excludes study material (REPEAT UCT Board Course Candidates. You will use the books from the 1st sitting for 2021 (i.e. books you received earlier this year)

A courier fee of R1200 will apply if couriered outside of the South African borders.



For candidates that have been granted a concession by SAICA to defer the April 2021 sitting of the ITC to September 2021, the course will monitor participation in terms of submissions of certain deliverables throughout the course.

Failure to meet the required minimum submission requirements will result in the candidate being assessed as not having participated adequately in the course.

This will be communicated to SAICA which may have an influence on whether the deferred April ITC will count as one of the candidate’s attempts.

For any further queries please contact: or 065 596 5018