With the ITC Preparatory Course, Candidates are equipped for successful preparation for the ITC exam by means of a series of online lectures across the key ITC disciplines; tutorial videos; and a library of useful resources to practice and fine-tune their understanding for the final exam. Candidates will also receive a comprehensive study pack and have access to online discussion forums, to gain academic support right up until they write the exam.

The course culminates with the completion of a simulated ITC examination paper, which Candidates complete in their free time as final practice prior to writing the actual ITC as presented by SAICA.

  • Access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  • Lectures for each of the four core subjects
  • Video recordings of all of the lectures for recap
  • A video bank of recorded tutorial sessions
  • Comprehensive course notes
  • Comprehensive and balanced tutorial questions
  • Academic support from the course lecturer for each topic via email, telephone and the online discussion forum
  • Assessment questions
  • Self-evaluated simulated ITC exam

The Course Presenter for each topic will provide academic support through the online discussion forum for the duration of the course. A designated Course Coach will also be available on email and by telephone to provide administrative support. The course has been designed in such a way that it allows for Candidates to study anywhere and anytime, at their own pace – maximising flexibility and time management.

In order to participate in this course, Candidates will need to:

  • Have successfully passed their CTA;
  • Have a current email account;
  • Have paid the course fee in full.

Course fees should be settled in full by 30 November 2017.

  • Fees per Candidate – R3,600
  • A discount is offered to Accounting firms that commit to block bookings of five or more Candidates from the same firm and office.
  • Candidates outside of South Africa will be charged an additional distribution premium depending on their location. Please request a quotation for this and it will be added to you fees

Further information:

Watch this video to find out  what our past ITC Preparatory Course Candidates have to say about their experience on our course.

If you are only receiving your final results after the 1st of December 2017 then you are more than welcome to register now. We will accommodate you to ensure that you do not miss out on anything.

Collection and courier of study material:

If you have not received your final results by the 1st of December, please do not collect study material until you are sure that you have passed your PGDA/CTA.

You will have another opportunity to collect your study material at the start of the first lecture (this date is dependant on the city you will be attending, as indicated on your registration form).

For Candidates who have selected online only, we will only be sending your material via courier after 5 December 2017. So please let us know if we should hold off on sending this due to you only receiving your final results after this date.

Payments made by individuals directly:

If you have indicated that you will be paying and you have not received your results by the payment due date (30 November 2017), please hold off on payment until you are sure that you have passed.

You are welcome to make payment as soon as you have received your final results. We will grant you access to the VLE within 24 hours after receiving your proof of payment.

All of our content is on our VLE, so you will not be missing out on anything, if you have to wait to collect your physical study pack at the first lecture (this date is dependant on the city you will be attending, as indicated on your registration form).

Payments made by firms:

Please ensure that you have checked with your firm on their policy around you being allowed to collect study material if you are still waiting on your final results.